At Caspar, designs and prints of high quality are available for everyone, from sewing and fashion enthusiasts to businesses. We are able to produce and deliver from a single patch of printed cloth to hundreds of meters of custom designed textile. Natural materials, synthetics or blend, we print on them all. Any material that we can get our hands on - we can print on.

Design studio with its own production or a digital textile company with its own design studio? Caspar can be seen as both. We can make fully customized designs based on your style, wishes, preferences and needs. However we can also print your own design in undefined quantities, from micro-runs to multiple rolls.

We encourage you, to design your own fabrics. To stop being just a consumer, and start being the maker of your apparel and decor. Together, we can switch from mass production and blind consumption to individual choice and customization.

We are always happy to hear from other businesses that share our passion for textile design, to hear your stories and ideas so we can help each other and together advance in the new era of designing, producing and acquiring textile materials.

So, if you find our approach to fashion appealing and are interested in quality prints and designs, feel free to contact us. We’re sure we’ll sort something out.

‘Till your next project,

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