About Us

Caspar design is a place where youthful energy and creativity meets 25 years of experience in digital textile printing. We are a group of designers who wants to liberate colors and designs from our computer screens and introduce them to the world. We are tired of dull and standardized designs and clothes that follow someone else’ s fashion or style. Our objective is to always go forward. To change current ways in both making and acquiring clothes and fabrics is our ambition. To achieve that, we use the latest technology which enables us to print brilliant colors in lifelike resolution with virtually no waste. We believe we are not alone, and because of that we encourage everyone to print their imagination to a material of their choice - an ordeal in which we are always ready to participate.


Social responsibility

As firm believers in leaving a place better than we found it, all prints from Caspar are made with ecologically friendly water-based dyes and bio-degradable inks. Technology that is used for printing is energy efficient and allows us to print on demand, leaving no leftovers that could not be further used. We strive to work with natural materials that are acquired from local manufacturers by fair trade, since we recognize the importance of good working conditions from harvesting of the plants for fabrics to shipment to your door.



All designs made at Caspar are printed with latest technology. Adapting to new technologies and upgrading our machines frequently shows to consume less energy, provides us with best possible print quality and is ecologically friendly. We use big ink-jet printers with bio-degradable inks to print on cotton and other natural materials, while printing with sublimation is used on larger quantities of synthetic materials.

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